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Supplements are all about the ingredients. Regardless of what companies say or claim about their formula, at the end of the day, only the ingredients of the supplement matters. I’ve made a career out of being a fact-checker and researcher of supplements. To date, I’ve written more than 100 different reviews for various websites, and this time, I’m taking on one of the biggest brands I’ve reviewed – UltraCore Power.

What is UltraCore Power?

UltraCore Power is a male performance-enhancing supplement that is made up of three different supplements. According to the brand’s website, the three supplement complex is designed to enhance the impact and effectiveness of the formula. UltraCore Power claims to massively enhance a man’s muscle performance, energy, focus, blood flow, and libido; basically, it’s an all-around performance enhancer that would fit any man’s lifestyle.

UltraCore Power is best known for giving the best value for its customers. Its reasonably-priced package includes the main supplement, UltraCore Power, and the booster supplements Ultra Prime and Ultra Edge. UltraCore Power also includes membership-exclusive benefits such as free UltraCore Essentials supplements every month, and free access to XR30, a home body-transformation workout.

Although relatively new in the segment, UltraCore Power has dominated other male performance-enhancing supplements with its own brand of high-impact results and reliable formulation. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at its ingredients, and see if it matches the brand’s claims.

What does UltraCore Power do?

UltraCore Power mainly increases testosterone levels, together with an increase in blood flow and focus, to create an overall improvement of muscle performance, focus, and mood. The results of this magnitude are oftentimes claimed by many male performance-enhancing supplements, but only a handful delivers real, tangible results.

UltraCore Power gives us a different approach towards enhancing testosterone; its formula does not just improve testosterone production as many other supplement products do. It also improves testosterone retention and free testosterone levels.

Keep in mind that UltraCore Power is a massive formula – at 5525mg total daily serving. The dosage is split between two intakes. 4 Male UltraCore capsules in the morning, and 2 capsules of UltraCore Prime and UltraCore Edge before your last meal of the day. The massive formulation is further enhanced by ingredient choices that intensify and prolong the main ingredients of the formula.

The combined result of UltraCore Power is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in male performance-enhancing supplements. You get a massive increase in testosterone, which improves your lean muscle mass, metabolism, muscle strength, bone density, mood, and libido. You also improve your blood circulation, which impacts your stamina, nutrient delivery, and muscle pump.

This complete enhancement of a man’s performance makes UltraCore Power one-of-a-kind in the supplement industry. No other type of supplement could deliver such a big impact on a person’s quality of life. This is one of the reasons why UltraCore Power is ranked as one of the best supplements in over 30 different websites, and this is also why UltraCore Power is the top choice for critics and athletes alike.

UltraCore Power Ingredients

A closer look at UltraCore Power’s ingredients reveal exactly why UltraCore Power is able to deliver such impressive results. Take a look at UltraCore Power’s ingredient profile and compare it with other supplements to see what you’re getting.

Longjack/Tongkat Ali

UltraCore Power uses a standardized extract of Longjack as its main testosterone-boosting component, and further enhanced by other testosterone boosters in the formula. Longjack is known for enhancing testosterone production by stimulating the Leydig cells in the testes. By having a standardized extract, UltraCore Power’s Longjack content is at least 3-5 times more potent than the common Longjack powders in most male performance-enhancing supplements.


KSM-66 is a standardized Ashwagandha product, registered and trademarked as a standalone supplement. KSM-66 is included in the UltraCore Power formula for its ability to greatly enhance testosterone and cognitive performance. KSM-66 is clinically-proven to inhibit cortisol, which increases testosterone production. KSM-66 synergizes with other cortisol inhibitors in the formula.


Fenugreek is the main testosterone maintenance ingredient of UltraCore Power. It reduces the conversion of DHT by inhibiting the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion. By reducing DHT levels, Fenugreek also lowers the risk of developing prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Fenugreek is standardized to 50% fenusides, the active compound of fenugreek.


ZMA is a powerful blend of Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate, and Vitamin B6. This potent combination has been used in various performance-boosting supplements, as it has the capability to support high testosterone levels and it also has the ability to support muscle energy and performance.


L-Arginine is the main vasodilator ingredient of UltraCore Power. Vasodilators are primarily used in bodybuilding and muscle enhancement to boost muscle pump. In UltraCore Power, L-Arginine also helps improve the transport and delivery of oxygen and other nutrients found in UltraCore Power. L-Arginine acts as a nitric oxide booster, which causes blood vessels to dilate and allow blood to flow more freely.

Epimedium Sagittatum

Also known as Horny Goat Weed, Epimedium is one of the most common ingredients found in sexual enhancement supplements. Recent studies show that Epimedium has a unique ability to enhance testosterone production, which causes its impact on a man’s libido. In addition to enhancing libido, epimedium can also enhance lean muscle mass, strength, and metabolism.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris’ role in UltraCore Power is to minimize the contradictory effect of estrogen in male performance. The ingredient inhibits the aromatase enzyme to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Through this process, Tribulus Terrestris also increases the buildup of total testosterone levels, which helps enhance the androgenic benefits of the formula.

Shilajit Extract

Shilajit is one of the booster ingredients in the formula. Studies show that Shilajit Extract has a strong impact on testosterone levels by inhibiting the cortisol hormone. Cortisol slows down testosterone production. Shilajit synergizes with KSM-66 to inhibit cortisol efficiently.

UltraCore Power Standardized Extracts

You may notice that some of the ingredients we’ve mentioned are standardized extracts. These ingredients are specially processed to increase the potency and effectiveness of the ingredient.

Standardized extracts represent an exact and guaranteed amount of the active compound in the herb to allow for consistent levels of the compound. This allows you to know exactly what you’re getting, and you won’t have to worry about varying concentrations and effectiveness per batch of supplements produced.

Standardized extracts are quite expensive to produce. That’s why only a small percentage of the supplements today have standardized extracts on their ingredient profiles. While more expensive to produce, standardized extracts are more potent and more effective, which actually gives more value and credibility to the formula.

What you need to know about UltraCore Power

By examining the ingredients of UltraCore Power, we’ve determined that UltraCore Power is going to be more effective than any other testosterone-boosting supplement in the market today. With its impressive lineup of ingredients, standardized extract, and its massive dosage, there’s no question that UltraCore Power is going to be at least twice as effective as the second-best product on the market – but what is the caveat to buying UltraCore Power?

UltraCore Power is a Membership-based Product

Here’s an extremely important fact that you shouldn’t miss – UltraCore Power is a membership-based product. This means that you will automatically get a fresh supply of UltraCore Power monthly. This is in line with UltraCore Power’s campaign to encourage its customers to continue using the product for at least 8-12 weeks to experience the best results. Being a membership program, UltraCore Power also has exclusive perks and discounts that make the membership more valuable. Compared to other products that give discounts for buying in bulk, the monthly UltraCore Power membership makes sense since you won’t have to keep a cabinet full of supplements for months; you get a monthly discount, and you get fresh supplements delivered to you every month.

UltraCore Power is a complex of three different supplements

UltraCore Power is a stack of three supplements – Male UltraCore, Ultra Prime, and Ultra Edge. The stack works best if taken together. Take Male UltraCore in the morning, and Ultra Prime and Edge at night. You can opt to downgrade and choose to buy Male UltraCore only, or Male UltraCore plus Ultra Prime only, but you might be missing out on the best results of UltraCore Power.

Whether you choose to buy Male UltraCore, or Male UltraCore plus Prime, you’d still get the full benefits of being an UltraCore Power customer.

UltraCore membership exclusive benefits and discounts

As an UltraCore member, you get exclusive benefits and discounts that you can enjoy every month. All you have to do is stick with the membership, and continue to use UltraCore Power.

FREE UltraCore Essentials Supplements

UltraCore members get free UltraCore Essentials supplements every month, starting in your second month. You can choose from 12 different UltraCore Essentials supplements to be included in your next month’s package. Your options include fat burners, weight management supplements, bodybuilding supplements, men’s multivitamins, and even cognitive boosters and stress management supplements. Since these supplements are also made by UltraCore Power, you can be sure that these supplements are made with the same quality that made UltraCore Power one of the biggest brands in male supplements.

FREE access to XR30

XR30 is a body transformation program that utilizes intense, but easy to perform fitness moves with a targeted diet to greatly improve your physique. XR30 takes elements from high-intensity interval training, and the paleo and keto diet to maximize your results. XR30 is a $70 value and is inclusive of 12 different workouts that you can perform in 30 days. You can access your XR30 videos by logging on to

Exclusive Loyalty discounts

UltraCore Power customers get a massive 40% discount starting on their second consecutive month! Just by opting to continue your membership, you automatically get a 40% discount on your next order. Not only that, but you also get an additional 10% discount starting on your 4th month, for a total of 50% discount EVERY MONTH. This exclusive loyalty discount gives you thousands of dollars in savings every year, and that’s just on top of having the most effective male performance-enhancement supplement in UltraCore Power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to the most common questions I get from my readers:


Are UltraCore Ingredients SAFE?

Yes. None of the UltraCore Power ingredients are deemed harmful or dangerous to your health. UltraCore Power is formulated to have a balanced formula, with its ingredients being a focal factor in making the formula both safe and effective. If you have allergies, or if you’re being treated by a doctor, please check with your doctor first before taking any kind of supplement.


Where can I buy UltraCore Power?

UltraCore Power is exclusively available through UltraCore Power’s official distribution channels – and its Amazon official store. NEVER buy from unofficial sources to protect your health. Buying from ensures that you get the exclusive benefits and discounts as an UltraCore Power member.


Where do I get UltraCore Power discount codes?

UltraCore Power discount codes are given by UltraCore Power brand ambassadors. You can find them on social media and on some websites. Simply enter the code during checkout to activate your discount codes.


How long does it take for UltraCore Power to work?

UltraCore Power recommends a daily intake of all three supplements for 8-12 weeks to experience the best results. The complex yields a compounding effect that makes it even more effective and impactful the more you continue to take the supplement.


UltraCore Power is one of the most dynamic supplements ever made. Its excellent ingredient selection, coupled with its potent standardized extracts, making it the most effective testosterone booster in existence. Some may have concerns over its membership program, but given the extensive benefits given to UltraCore customers, UltraCore Power, by far, still gives the best value out of any supplement product we’ve ever seen.

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